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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Brittany Murphy See Thru Dress Big Tits

This is an older picture but Brittany Murphy is Hot so decided to post it. Haven’t seen her in much lately but she was the slut in the movie Eminem did about his life in Detroit. Regardless she has a nice rack as you can see due to her see thru dress.

See Thru Jessica Alba

Here are a couple older see thru pics of Jessica Alba because I’m a little obsessed with her…Brittany Murphay looks like a dyke in the one pic and Alba looks smokin in a bikini in the other…looking fwd to�a nip slip or pussy slip from her this year such as the infamous Spears Crotch Slip last year…but I’m really hoping Alba’s pussy isn’t as beat up as Spear’s snatch was…for fuck sakes that thing looked like a Montreal smoked meat sandwich…i’m still having nightmares (wetdreams).

Britney Spears No Bra Pokie Nipple

Britney Spears is one crazy biatch…but i like the fact that she consistently wears slutty outfits and rarely wears a bra…here we get a nice glimpse at britney’s big pokie nipple as she wanders aimlessly with her new assface boyfriend.

Britney Spears See Thru Shirt

Britney’s boobs are on display again here as she is wearing a tight see thru white shirt and her nipples are nicely in view….if she doesn’t start wearing a bra they will be hanging down to her knees by the time she’s forty…but i’m not complaining.

Britney Spears Pokie Nips

Britney Spears is looking crazy as ever and as always her nips could cut steak

Retro Madonna & Demi Moore Nude…Big Bush

Wow these pics are almost hard to look at…i’m not a fan of the big bush so i guess its a good thing this style isn’t ‘in’ anymore.� Somebody emailed me these old ass pix of Madonna and Demi Moore�posing naked�(i’m guessing are from the early 80’s, that is demi for sure but the Madonna pic is questionable�) and they seem to enjoy showing off their Jungle of a Bush….fuck imagine goin down on a chick and when you whip her panties down….POOF you get a mouth full of short ‘n curly’s &�poked in the eye with stinky pubes…gross

Beyonce Upskirt Ass

Beyonce has one big phat ass and she likes to show it off in on stage…too bad she’s wearing about 3 layers of shit underneath cuz she could really benefit guys like us by wearing a thong and letting those cheeks get some air

Avril Lavigne Butt Crack Bikini

Avril Lavigne is looking all growns up and she’s got quite the ass on her…now if she could only shut her annoying mouth i’d be happy

Ashlee Simpson Big Tits Pokie Nips

Impregnated Ashlee Simpson has a great set of tits on her as we can see by this pic taken a couple days ago…nice nipple pokage as well…so far her tits are growing faster than her baby belly which is a good good thing

Hayden Panettiere - Fireflies In The Garden Premiere at the 58th Berlinale Film Festival -Ultra HQ

Hayden Panettiere in Sexy Dress - Fireflies In The Garden Premiere at the 58th Berlinale Film Festival

Britney Spears new Beach Bikini Candid Photos

Celebrity Sexy controversial sensational Pop Singer Britney Spears new Beach Bikini Candid Photos.. Plus watch.. Is Britney Spears Pregnant! Again..

...Actually Britney is having a blast on special vacation on some island obviously, previously she was in Costa Rica with Mel Gibson. What ever may be she has been photographed by the paparazzi frequently in the last few weeks or so playing in her many bikinis on the beach and in the surf. I've read a lot of whining and insults thrown about on some blogs about how she looks, but I personally think she looks pretty damn good and is all getting better every time. I'd rather see some curves than some bones which is welcoming at least for me! ha..

Liv Tailor

Very sexy for unexpected look

Angelina Jolie

Sexy wallpaper of Angelina Jolie

Kim Kardashian Poolside Bikini Candid Photos

Kim Kardashian Poolside Bikini candids, Wow! watch that Booty.. well Kim Kardashian says her BOOTY is FAKE!

Paris Hilton Unexpected Pregnancy is it True?

US Top Sexy Celebrity Paris Hilton and her boyfriend Benji Madden were out in West Hollywood on Wednesday night, sent the media into a frenzy, because the green dress she wore gave her what looks like a Swollen Belly an Tummy Bump as like Pregnant...

But to praise Paris Hilton has slammed rumors she is pregnant, after pictures appeared online showing her with what appeared to be a tummy bump.

While Hilton has spoken of her plans to start a family with Good Charlotte rocker Madden in 2009, but her representative insists her pregnancy rumors are "completely false"...

Ashley Tisdale Nipple Slip

The most beautiful nip I have ever seen.

Ashley Dupre Girls Gone Wild Pictures

Ashley Dupre (spitzer’s whore) apparently is on a DVD by Girls Gone Wild…will be interesting to see how this plays out. Details are sketchy right now as Joe Francis (seen above with Paris Hilton) hasn’t said when/if it will be released:

Ashlee Simpson Nip Slip

I gotta admit I really use to think Ashlee Simpson was pretty ugly compared to her sister Jessica, but ever since she went under the knife and fixed her honker she looks way hotter.

Here is a great nip slip picture of Ashlee’s titty popping out of her bikini top unexpectedly…not the biggest or best quality pic but I still love it when this shit happens.

Ashanti Upskirt

This Ashanti Upskirt picture was taken the other night during her performance in NYC…too bad she has panyhose on but can get a little glimpse at her ass cheeks from the front

Antonella Barba of American Idol Nude Leaked Photos

The hottest contestant on American Idol, Antonella Barba…can’t sing worth a fuck BUT she is a dirty dirty girl and i’m loving it…her camera was stolen a few weeks ago and a bunch of sexy pictures of her were leaked…there were blow job pictures going around of her as well but they turned out to be fake, no clear nip slip pictures but some nice see thru ones where her nip is clearly visible

Angelina Jolie Topless Candid in Cannes

Angelina Jolie Topless Candid in Cannes

Ana Ivanovic camel toe and pokie nipples

Ana Ivanovic is the hottest tennis star at the moment and she’s on high alert after her latest victory in Madrid, she could cut steak with them nips of hers….some nice camel toe action as well, thx to reader “cr28020″ for sending me the pix

Amy Smart See Thru Nipple Slip

I had to get rid of that ‘everybody loves raymond’ gross chick image from my mind so dug up these Amy Smart See Thru Nipple Slip Pictures….she’s fuckable,� she was in “Road Trip” and “Crank” and probly a few other things as well but i really don’t care …�the bottom line is i’d drop the hammer on her, dig a few tunnels ect….ok time for me to get shit faced

Amy Smart Nipple Slip

Amy Smart is pretty facking hot…not exactly a ’smart’ idea to wear this dress tho was it, not that we haven’t seen her tits before in the movie Road Trip but unexpected nipple is one of the pure pleasures in life

Amber Tamblyn Nip Slip

Now this is a quality nip slip…the shit i live for, this bitch has been on TV forever including general hospital, joan of arcadia and now she’s staring in the new Grudge 2…what a perfect nip slip on a HOT broad

Abigail Clancy Nip Slip

No clue who this bitch is but she is probably a model since that is former model / crackhead Janice Dickinson strangling her as her Nip Slips right out of her ugly ass green dress

Kate Walsh Upskirt Ass Flash

Not a terrible looking ass, but not a great one either on Kate Walsh, the 40 yr old actress best known for her role on that shitty show Grey’s Anatomy

Shauna Sand Nip Slip

Playboy model and wife of Lorenzo fucking Lamas gets caught in this pic with her battered nipple exposed..christ it looks like that thing went thru vietnam, regardless i’d still have fun chewing on it for a while

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano Skinny Dipping Nude