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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Aida Yespica does the topless performance

Aida Yespica does the topless performance

Adriana Volpe topless on the beach

Wow Adriana Volpe almost humped her men!!!

Jennifer Connelly Swims Nude

You want to name a woman in show business who’s never going to grow out of her looks? Who even ten, twenty years from now people will be googling her name looking for perfection? It really doesn’t get much more classy and hot than Jennifer Connelly, and here we’ve found her topless sunning on the beach, and from an earlier nude swimming session (apparently she gets out a lot), and she couldn’t look much better. You take your Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears upskirt crotch shots, I’ll take Jennifer. Can you get better perky tits than that, and at her age? That is a body to die for. Jennifer, we grovel at your pristine gorgeous temple of a hot body. Thank you for continuing to exist (and your movies aren’t bad either…)

Anna Kournikova Nude & Upskirt

Anna Kournikova has been turning heads with just about every move she makes on the court for years now, and for a lot of people it’s enough to watch her hot young ass run around chasing balls in little skirts and orgasm moaning every time she connects. Others, though, like our faithful readers, are still hungry for a little more at the end of the day, and here we have a couple of different angles she isn’t always showing on the court. Anna Kournikova upskirt shots might be a little more common in her tennis garb, she looks pretty nice on her own time too, we think. And finally getting the topless view from her here on the beach, well, now we know what we’ve been missing.

Angelina Jolie Nude

Yeah, she’s with Brad now, has several babies, has lost a little of her glamor from the days of once before, but hell, you can never really get enough of an eyeful of Angelina Jolie in the buff, her naked body is just too perfect. When she’s 60 she’ll probably still be grades above most any other that come near. So even given all her hurdles (which to some people might be hotter, Angelina preggers nude shots??) Angelina still rules the roost and has some of the best tits in all of all tits ever. Let’s just shut out mouths now and pay tribute.

Kirsten Dunst Nipslip on Beach

Kirsten Dunst may just have a little too much for even her own bathing suit to handle. You can’t have perfect tits the size of fruit and think you can run down the beach in the waves without putting on a show for everyone else. Spiderman is going to be pissed, I’m sure, though Tobey Maguire is probably too busy playing texas hold em somewhere to really even pay attention. He’s seen it all before I bet. On set romance? Kirsten Dunst nipslips should happen more often maybe, then gas prices would go down.

Jill Hennessy Catwalk Nipslip

Law and Order star Jill Hennessey struts her stuff here a little too hard and lets the top go down, something that probably hasn’t happened to her all that often, of course there were 1500 cameras there ready to take witness. She’s living proof that Canada isn’t all just hockey and maple leaves, they actually have nice attractive older women there. Dudes who work in the fashion industry see this pretty much everyday I guess. Too bad I can’t design a lick. Jill, thanks for not paying enough attention.

Sarah Harding nip slip

When Bipasha Basu Wore No Clothes

Bipasha Basu during her early modelling days showed more tits than a nursing mother. Then she became famous and fans wouldn’t get a peek at her cleavage even if they sat on her shoulders.

Which is a predictable life-cycle for Bollywood actresses who’ve made it big. A cycle that begins with bit parts in low-budget movies and some modelling where an occasional nipple-slip isn’t a bother to being a prude celebrity who thinks showing off skin is sin.

Here are some rare pictures of the dusky beauty from the days she was more uninhibited.