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Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Always Sexy Holly Madison Shows Her Pussy Upskirt

And by 'sexy' I really mean fuckable and thats probably the only thing Playboy Bunnies are good for, that and showing us their see-through pany upskirts . Holly Madison was at a screening of The Telling like I heard of that shit, is it porn? And then decided go to Boardners restaurant in Hollywood where she grab onto a bar and take a swing in a mini skirt. Yup, Holly of course, was wearing a jean mini skirt with completely sheer see-through underwear. Not sure if she knew that was a bad idea before hand, but it turned out to be the best idea she ever had. Not to mention showing some pussy while she was swinging. What a champ! This must be one of the best upskirts in the history of mankind.

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