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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Aduh Saliha Actress - Puteri Sarah Liyana

Below are some films that have been circulating on the Internet for a week of a Malaysian actor. Not too racy by our standards but slightly scandalous for Malaysia. Some assert the daughter in the picture is nobody other than PUTERI SARAH LIYANA, the rising actor who was picked by M Nasir to star in the work-in-improve show, ADUHAI SALEHA. Many people hope it is not her in the movies kissing her boyfriend because Malaysian comedian will be portrayal as denial role models. And that will have an unhelpful blow on the Malaysian entertainment activity. She’s grown up enough to do such gear, its not like a leaked sex cassette, Let’s give her some position people.

The outfit went all out and there were cinema of her immovable in the act. What was this act you might ask, it was kissing her boyfriend on the cheek. Scandoulous, I know. Some say that it is just pictures of Puteri Sarah Liyana look alike. Fans have to wait at the core actor of Aduh Saliha to assertion that the picture is untrue, superimposed or just a look alike. Nevertheless I think its truly her and she will soon apologize for these "daring" photos. Click on pictures to enlarge.

In the latest Malaysian celebrity scandal photos, we can see Puteri Sarah Liyana with her boyfriend, Ammar Alfian Aziz a Hero Remaja 2007 finalist and also a model. Their photos were considered ‘shocking and embarrassing’ because Puteri Sarah Liyana was well known as innocent and naive girl. No wonder she was been pointed for M. Nasir latest film, Aduh Saliha as the leading actress.

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